SPIN COBRA スピンコブラ SuperFM

I admit, im not a good hand-painting guy 😂. You can clearly see from they way front body not smooth lol. But, i've tried my best. The kit was actually Chao Xing Mo Wang brand, Spin Cobra FM chassis. The original body color is red. Then i added some part to make more attractive & doing the body color to get closee to original Spin Cobra from the anime. Hope you like it 😊

2021/04/08 14:27:03


  • FRPマルチワイドリアステー
  • ITEM 15150 FRP 強化マウントプレートセット
  • FRPマルチ補強プレートセット



  • terra dead conqueror😨
  • yellow panda
  • ignicion?🤤
  • aero avante
  • hurricane sonic
  • festa june L