Rebuilt from a broken box stock Blast Arrow, a loud shout to she Shmoo Group, SHMOOBALL! MA chassis, featuring the first set of tires I didn't screw up while trimming. Hanging damper structure composed of abs plastic body. Floating transmission in the Mad Tang style. Blackened brass homebrew. Ready for Brooklyn racing tomorrow! -- Update: proved to be a very fast/stable car, won some BKNY races with this car, Hyper Dash motor and Japan Cup rules... Weakness: stability in courses with lots of jumps- tends to roll and behave inconsistently in the air- working on this for next builds :) -- And the chassis broke! Time to retire SHMOOBALL. -- Retired, to the front window at Rui Yong Hobby.

2016/08/13 09:25:13


  • 15414 tire trimming basic
  • MA Floating Gear Setup
  • MA 15349 gear no mod setup
  • MA chassis stock, went too far
  • ブラストアロー
  • Hyper-Dash Pro 95092
  • the end of SHMOOBALL



  • MA 製作中
  • サンダーショットjr
  • TRFワークスJr. チャラ柴号
  • MAトレサス&微々サス オオカミ
  • ライキリ