Rising Bird Corsair

Hello everyone, sorry for my broken English this is my first post, and my first mini 4 repainted at first concept from manga Rising Bird is mini 4 that can fly, so i wanna see Rising Bird with a real aircraft theme. the theme is jolly Rogers from WWII, my bad with the kanji decals (its from astray amatsu i think) but its so cool to not put it there. i promise i will do better next time. thank you

2024/05/13 11:20:27



  • 2 144 kit and a mini 4wd


  • 3レーン用メイン車 VS
  • ライジング・バード
  • R.B 1.5ver
  • 初代ガンブラスター
  • どうです?
  • メタルバードエント