Rakiri ARTAX

⚔️ Rakiri ARTAX ⚔️ Here is another request from the knights of the zodiac but this time ARTAX character on RAKIRI machine. This time we used the airbrush to give a light / aura to the character. 🎨 Indoor adhesive. ⚪🔵 White and light blue to make the character's aura, and we helped with the lronograph to make it optimal, always using polycarbonate colors. 💎 A pass of silver glitter 💜 We used purple in the back and front (spray can shade) ⚫ Black to cover everything

2018/12/30 09:49:31




  • Kijang 1
  • Pinky Lora v2.0
  • Pandaman jr
  • jumper cyclone
  • lunch box🤪
  • Baron Viento😈