Super x carbon chassis

New project for super x carbon chassis reinforced. using cx09 max breaker. Remembering that front axle bearing are weak, then I must made reinforcement from HG part. you can see it in the photos attached. HG silver are lighter then the black 1, it is helping a lot to reduce weight specially for the heavy chassis like super x and family. see ya next. second edit: Adding some result for the bearing ao620 with the rubber removed photos. First time ao620 came out are the best for the axle bearing. Second time are not. Why? Because the rubber are too much. Remove it and you got the the first time ao620 speed result. see ya next. third edit: While today is a holiday here. I made the hanging damper. It is really took a lot of time to made this hanging damper since I have to made a holes by self to synchronized it with the regulations of between body and tyres. Anyway it is always a fun to me. See ya next. fourth edit: Forgot to attach the thinnest tyres I made right now.

2017/02/26 21:42:59




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