αιρна sτοям

The storm of life over star, a red sparkling blood of the place referred to in the human. It is bright, but dark .... Flickering To phosphorescence shining Such is, as if they are alive, no, it's certainly alive. It is, is the reason serving "life of the storm" .... And storm begins to move. Defeated the pure white of the shell, and the driving force behind the swell of the overflowing not only of life, little say that slightly sprouted "I want to know the world" changes, but are motivated by a big curiosity, on its feet with a certain force start running! He (she), now this very moment, I was born. In their hands, in order to seize the truth ...! うましか渾身のFMAR。軽量化の為、例に漏れず磁石はギセイニナッタノダ…ボディは上手いこと載らなかったのでネオトライダガーカット。ネオトライダガーいいよね。形はそこそこ気合い入れました。カラーリングはライフストリーム的な何か(赤いけど)の上にマスキングして真っ白に。駆動は一切ノータッチ。 it keeps evolving♪

2016/05/04 16:44:57




  • FMAR変体フレキ
  • MA ネオトライダガー AT ピボット 完成品
  • FMAR 纠错功能2.0
  • team Amakusan spirit ボスyou♪号
  • PATHFINDER 01,02,03
  • コペン🔞FMAR ドランクダンパー制作途中



もやみんさんありがとゥー!カット頑張りますた( ̄ー ̄)9


流石! 磁力無しでも、うましかさんのオリジナリティが感じられる一台ですネ!カッコイイ!