Baron Viento😈

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black edition.. my farorit kit, classic baron viento style, given the black color really and creepy😁, simple modification and not too extreme in modification, because this is for racing you can't cut the body too extreme, especially stb pro class, there can't be any cuts, it's a must Original kit with a few additional changes to the tires, course and gear ratios. because the fma brakes too much at the front, you have to use super soft tires, the gear has to be 3.5:1 and just change the roller degree a little, the dynamo original standart box or dinamo series must be torque tuned😁, Indonesian regulations are really strict😆.

2024/02/16 11:53:20




  • ロードガイルGT
  • ロードガイル
  • KT ギャンボー SPIRIT "R"
  • Chrome Mach Frame
  • バロンビエント_ロードスター
  • ANOA ver.2 MA chassis