(NOT) Azente (アゼンテ) Progress

Hello fellas! In this post, I'll share about the machine that I've been built lately. Inspired by Azente Progress, I decided to build the "cheaper" version of it. So that's why I put NOT there 😂 It started from the body, I chose Super Avante as the body and I did grinding the front windshield and the back triangle. I tried to make it the same as much as I can. But it's (really) hard. Once it's finished, I ordered the decals for Azente, but as you can see, it's even not the same. The Azente font is smaller than the original. After I put the decals, I order the FRP set, wheelset, and mass damper set. Then, I started to assemble all of the parts, and that's the result. I'm pretty glad about the results, I didn't expect that I can finish it as good as it's. Thank you!

2019/02/26 14:06:07




  • Pinky Lora DS-01
  • サイクロンマグナム・ブレンジ
  • リッジレーザーRe:4
  • Avante mark II
  • brocken gigant camo
  • mach frame