be-1,sfm chassis with led

My first 4wd car that I build for entering the world of mini 4wd, it has sfm chassis and modified cowl of be-1 kit. at first I try to cut the panels of the car that i want to be open, so I cut out the roof the front and back bumper. I go with simple set up of sfm chassis witb long tail and tohoku damper, and the only thing that I think of myself is the damper that I put inside of my cowl to make the car look more elegant and to avoid more cutting on the cowl. There was really nothing crazy about it even the lights are simple, I enjoy building it and I want to build more to see if I can do more and if I can surpass the current build that I've done.

2018/10/05 18:31:40


  • Nissan be-1